Four Bellies Farm

A hardware engineer at Facebook set out to follow his family's dream and left the valley to start a farm back home in Georgia. They needed a logo and help with banners, car magnets, business cards, and more, and I was happy to oblige. I drew inspiration from woodcuts and farmlife.

Mountain View Parent Nursery School

Our co-op preschool needed to raise funds for moving to a new location, so a 5k fun run was organized. It would turn out to be the first of an annual event, and I got to create the logo and every sign, banner, flier, and social image needed that first year. The best part was seeing my work on tees (adult and mini!) and on reusable Baggu bags. For this project I looked to Inuit art, watercolors, and Eric Carle.

Paper Owl Studios

Paper Owl Studios was in need of a make-under (I'll spare you the before logo) and the owner had done most of the legwork by the time she got to me. I provided some technical assistance and then worked with her on promotional fliers and banners for her blog and Facebook page. Watching her business take off after our hard work was a treat.

Sean Paul Lorentz

Sean Paul Lorentz manages Mark di Suvero's yard, and does his own work with metal up in Petaluma. The challenge: Create a simple, update-able site that Sean Paul could maintain himself once built.

I've done a lot of work with Josh Anon, most of it within iOS apps, but this was an entire site to support his Flipbook app. This site went through two versions, and got even more complex the second time around with the addition of view counts, favoriting, and more. They've turned the lights out on the app and site, but a basic placeholder page lives on today.


manoeuvre on Etsy

manœuvre was a small business I started and ran for a few years until the economy crashed and I got a "real" job. It began with neckties, but quickly grew to include small goods made with wool felt. Etsy was a huge help in gaining custom orders for laptop sleeves.